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  • nomore -

    I sent you a friend request on steam and you removed it.

  • cyp007 -

    COULD U COME ON SERVER AND BAN APPS1G coz he is fcking waller. everyone says. thank you

  • BARON -


  • Dione Carolinee -

    hi jagge

  • Yo YO! -

    Congrats server ADMIN!

    • jaggedoppolous -

      Thanks bro!! Got a lil worried casue i knew the 1 demo was inconclusive but it was def suspect..

  • :.NATO | Delay o/o -

    Um why did I get banned :[?

    • jaggedoppolous -

      ?? I haven't banned anyone? What's ur in player name?

    • :.NATO | Delay o/o -

      It was mygot-memer but I got unbanned now I think .. Um Thank You?

  • jaggedoppolous -

    i took snapshots of you yes, but we do not see them. They are saved in your cs folder. I'm waiting on 2nd opinions from the mods. It's nothing against you. You looked really suspicious...

    • Poland -

      The reason I got mad was that I thought that I was accused of using Wall hack. I did not clearly understand "no recoil". Once again, I like ur professionalism and that u take care of cheaters. Good luck in game. Thanks

  • Poland -

    I do not understand ur reason of a ban..

    • jaggedoppolous -

      poland it's nothing against you again, It was suspious and took action. Your a good friend of mine and i hate that i had to do this but we must take action if it's needed. Like johnny said, he will review your ban.

  • Poland -

    U did SnapShot on me so u should know that I do not have cheats. Please unban me. Thanks!

  • Poland -

    WHY I WAS BANNED ?!?!?!?! I am clean...what was the reason?

  • jaggedoppolous -

    I mostly play on the dust2 server but i've been wanting to get better at awping so I also spend some time on fy/aim/awp server.

  • The Mighty Don't Kneel -

    Welcolme to SilentGamerz. Which is your favourite server?