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  • nomore -

    Post your screenshots soon asap. Within another 24 hrs I'll deny your unban appeal.

    • ShHere! -

      I'm not at home, I do not have my computer on hand, when I come back soon I will upload the screen shots .. @MIST

  • Johnny -

    Place a your photo here :)

    • ShHere! -

      I did not understand
      for the picture?
      hahaha o.o

    • Johnny -

      Take out this picture of that ugly face of dark glasses and puts your picture hahaha

    • ShHere! -

      It is the great Hector Lavoe..

      if you put your real picture I put mine XD

    • Johnny -

      But that's my real picture

  • Yo YO! -


    • ShHere! -

      yes yes!

  • Cronosh -

    that give me laugh with people who think she cares if you type work I give you my life is relaxed thank god not your luck I wish you in life I do not recess misunderstandings please big headphones

    • ShHere! -

      frustrated man walks to work, look like a woman behind me, I do not even know who you are, for writing to me that annoyance and turned...

  • Cronosh -


    • ShHere! - ... jajajaja tu seguro eres el chismoso de tu zona, un venezolano haciendo chismes de otro, y de paso que usa wallhack, no tienes verguenza.. si por error me me banean que pasa ? tengo 3 pc en mi casa y puedo volver a entrar, no te mates tanto gocho envidioso

  • anna -

    how do you get the "Member" tag?

    • The Mighty Don't Kneel -

      When you get 50 points you will automatically get the member tag.

    • ShHere! -

      publish something and you get points
      a complaint
      A suggestion
      your instagram hahaha