The Mighty Don't Kneel

  • Used to be called Mighty
  • Member since Feb 7th 2016

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  • vsx -

    Nickname Sergiomoro
    SteamID STEAM_0:0:458025218
    Steam Community ID 76561198876316164
    IP address hidden
    Ban type IP
    Reason Wallhack+Aimbot
    Invoked on 12 Mar 2019 - 07:25:45
    Expires on Not applicable
    Banned by vsx * sG(Trial admin | vsx)
    Banned on [sG] DD2 24/7 [Unique Mod] ||
    Total expired bans 0

  • Shield ## -

    (i will use wallhack who are you to stop me stupid man) he said to me

  • Shield ## -

    i have a cheater report his name is fattu he changed his name to fattu from saad from pakistan he use wallhack i told him to dont use he (ja bay ja apnay baap ko nahi bata k wall hack use karna hai k nahi) this language is urdu and this means dont told to your father about wall hack

  • Sky -

    Mighty check pm

  • Lord Chaos -

    but i am sure it was a wallhack

  • Lord Chaos -

    Bro when i recorded the guy and banned myself ironically , the demo i recorded I could'nt stop it and i guess the recording went away

  • Sky -

    Again thx mighty

  • 11Playersss -

    Check pm plz

  • tehami khan 26 -

    i have requested for admin please accept give me a chance bro

  • CrazyAlbo -

    Hiiii Booo

  • Marco lacson -

    Big Chungus?

  • CrazyAlbo -

    Damn communist >.<

  • The Cocoman -

    Still looks ugly.

  • KHAN -

    If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles

    I am KHAN ..FROM the Historical worroirs tribe who defeated ALEXander THE great .
    i know my enemy ..and MY SELF and never feared of any one

  • tehami khan 26 -

    i send request of admin the did not accept kindly accept my admin request
    have a nice day
    [sG] Captain

  • tehami khan 26 -

    hi mighty this is my second id i forget my password

  • tehami khan -

    mighty just for 1 week pleaseeeee

  • tehami khan -

    mighty please

  • tehami khan -

    please for 1 week only please plzzzz

  • tehami khan -

    my name is [sG] Captain

  • tehami khan -

    i am a good player please give me a chance

  • tehami khan -

    i want to be admin

  • CrazyAlbo -

    Congrats on your promotion Broski

  • killerman -

    bro give me a chance

    i be a good admin

    only for 2 weeks admin bro

    • Red -


  • xdjeton' -

    Hello , can u review my report for a cheater? thnx

  • VALBOY -

    helpe me please

  • Moiz -

    Thank you and#hf

  • Mr.happy -

    Migthy is come Back :V!!

  • Spr1nte[R] -

    are u alive? or u went extincted?

  • X-1 -

    Piece of our heart is with u bruh .. one of the best i met here