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  • S@i. -

    Please take my ban, I'll leave. I play 5 years in the silent servers I wait for a response for the silent family that I am faithful to 5 years the reason of my ban was for bugar points plus I thought that it was no longer that I made a mistake I recognize my error I know that I made mistakes more please take my Ban

  • Peekz [ARG] -

    my profile in steam; Peekz^98 my nick

  • Juninho Matador -

    Why did this happen with my registration ???????

  • Juninho Matador -

    Hey buddy, I'm Sai. I had to make another record because mine was deleted because ???????

  • AimBoT -

    Dude what ever was in past leave it in past.I dont wanna have conversation about my mistakes anyway i dont even know why you keep mad at me?.just Leave alone.Im single MaN..and im not getting ban even u said so:)

  • CR 7 -

    tel me when i knifet u how did u feel't does't hurt !!

    • The Mighty Don't Kneel -

      Mist was shooting me from the front so I focused on him, anyway how did it feel to lose 40-6, how did it feel to get rekt in the games we played today and like I said I record myself in such games so don't act like you didn't get your ass handed to you, the only kills you got were with the auto sniper and when u was facing three of you alone.

    • Mist -

      @CR 7 How did you feel, when you got gang raped? Does it hurt too?

    • CR 7 -

      heheh but last night we had some funny time we should try 'it again my team vs ur's :)

    • Mist -

      Let's play tonight

  • Yo YO! -

    hey mighty chutiyaa how r u? :D <3

  • gagansaini599 -

    Mighty bro you banned me from dd2 saying wallhack... no bro.. i have been playing there for months.... unban me please..

  • hamza -


  • exo lay -

    ok i wont do that just unban me please

  • exo lay -

    please mighty unban me

  • Mist -

    Yo get on steam!

  • Sk | Walle -


  • jaggedoppolous -

    You sent me a steam message saying you love me???

  • Cr[a]zy -

    too bad :/ i thought you loved me

  • `!SM4!#sG -

    i hate AJ styles

  • smiley -


  • melissa -

    mighty dont u see that top 3 in fatal named S___Z is
    a waller

    • S__Z -

      melissa, i'm not a waller.

  • Vtouti-S -

    done done thx

  • Vtouti-S -

    man hackers on fatal killerz can you help

  • Godlike_br -

    I believe that you are a good guy and one day, a good admin. Here is how work no spread cheat

  • exo lay -

    i wont advertise my clan anymore please

  • exo lay -

    please mighty unban me

    • The Mighty Don't Kneel -

      2nd guy is panda who is clean ofc. And the 1st is a steamer and has Average Ping: 9.88ms (Latency: 4.94ms) which will be reallyyyy hard for him to use any kind of hack. Anyway if i see him ill keep an eye on him.

    • ShHere! -

      I put the two users, that you were telling me on the map the player J1 was the same player panda

  • dan -


  • dan -

    YoYo banned me for wallhack bro :(

    • The Mighty Don't Kneel -

      Appeal the ban bro. Dont be nervous. You will definetely get unbanned.

  • dan -

    bRO ..


    r u free. hacker at fatal heaton multihack

  • SickGuy -

    Sup fag wanna sucky sucky for 5 bucky

  • `!SM4!#sG -

    for fuk sak manager>?