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  • `!SM4!#sG -

    Hey! Mask Give me A GANJA! >.< >.< watin for da parcel or i will kill u by ragay shark >.<

    • TheMask -

      Reggae shark is Real! Hes got a band with the seals :D What an awsome time that was :D

    • `!SM4!#sG -

      Its my bae <3 >.<

    • [sG]Parker -

      Reggae shark seriously ?

    • `!SM4!#sG -

      brothat >.<

  • [D]arkLord` -

    k thnx n i already accpet u

  • [D]arkLord` -

    hey mask add me on steam:-

    i cant add u on steam steam says u dont have this privillage

    • TheMask -

      Added you man!

  • [D]arkLord` -

    hey mask how r u
    remeber me scorpion
    where r u gone dude

    • TheMask -

      All good man hit me up on steam!

  • CrazyAlbo -

    Heyyyy maskiii, how u been buddy....

  • Wilano -

    what did u do this time? hack sprinters paypal?

  • Farid -


  • SileN20 -

    2. All Server Admins, Server Managers MUST represent SilentGamerz by tagging up at all times such as, sG | Your name, Your name #sG, Your name

    you better use the tag in game, you are a server manager, thank you.

  • Farzad -

    only one thing makes me feel good review my app

  • Farzad -

    lol Sorry For say Shut Up :D I am Doitids me:D

  • Farzad -

    sorry Brohter Sorry For spam love you