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This user account has been banned.

  • Who Cares? -

    guys hes banned :D

  • nomore -

    Saber why are yo transferring me silver? :D

    • Cr[a]zy -

      he loves you

    • nomore -

      Haha.. as a brother >.< I love you too man

    • Saber -

      Cause I want u too be richer then under :P

    • nomore -


  • nomore -

    • Saber -

      Ok I will add it when I get home

    • nomore -

      OK bro

  • nomore -

    no weapon recoil and no spread.. you will see it clearly if he had used any other weapon without awp.
    good Job brah!

    • Saber -


  • IcedOut -

    The arguing is over, I already beat him.