Marco lacson

  • Member since Jul 21st 2018
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  • canuck89 -

    confused why you banned me?

    I saw written that you banned me for wall hacking but I can assure you I wasn't. I will take it up with your higher ups and make sure you lose your admin if you do not unban me.
    I have been loyal to this game my entire life. If you did any research you would know who I am and realise I am not hacker but I think its too late now so its up to you.

    • The Cocoman -

      Threatening admins will get you nowhere. If you really knew how this worked, you would just make your appeal and stay silent until the admin provides proof of your cheating. No need to menace him like this you brute.

  • Marco lacson -

    hmm not sure admins suppose to be pro me just training

  • daFuQ -

    You should apply for admin.