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  • Uzair -


  • Uzair -

    Admin Krezz#sG ban me but why ?
    I am Not Hacker i Am PRo
    I am LightNing. Unknown #DsK

  • Uzair -


  • killerman -

    teal c give me a trail i apply for admin now

  • killerman -

    give me a trail too proof teal c bro


    i need to buy head admin 3 months for me and my bro also my nick is GANGSTER nad my BRO nick is CONTRACT KILLER plz help me


    ans me plz bro


    hi bro
    i need to buy admin in your server plz tell me how i buy it

  • CubeBuilder -



    owner i need to buy admin 3 moths me and 3 months for my bro just now talk to me plz


    i need to buy 3 3 months 2 admin in your server what i do

  • killerman -

    i apply for admin plz accept


  • killerman -

    i want admin in to zombie plague

    for 2 weeks admin for trail

    i do my best bro

    i have experiance for pro-moderator bro


  • Mr.happy -

    add me on Steam: steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198141220591/

  • Jiren -

    ​Hi, i want to be admin in Zombie Plague

    Your In-Game name: Jiren

    Steam or Non-Steam: Non-Steam but I have a steam account too​

    Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:117537637​

    Have you been admin before: Not

    Why do you want admin access in our servers: Because online admis never do anything with blockers​, I do not see any on when there is a hacker​, I almost always connect every day, I could help with that​

    Cheater reports link you have made: I report in the box, sorry, that's why I do not have the links​

    Do you know how to use AMX commands: No, but I could learn​

    Do you agree with our Admin rules: Yes

    Your time zone: zeitverschiebung.net/es/timezone/america--costa_rica​

    In which server you want to be admin:​ Zombie Plague [BHOP]


  • AxerZ -

    ​Hi.I want to be admin in "Zombie Elimination".I active and i cant play well cause of my wifi connection.I am the most kill with M3 and i got a lot of friends in there such as Ranza,Lukson and else.It depend on you to give me admin access or not.Have a good day

    • TealC -

      Do you have steam?

    • AxerZ -


  • Impact -

    Why did you poke me?

  • alonso14 -

    can you unban me please i was banned last year my name was BlackCobraAnubis

  • [sG]Parker -