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  • EnioPro. -

    carbon come in apocalypse srw to give me vip

  • Barbarossa -

    Hey carbon.
    Some admin banned me, eventhough i wasnt hacking. i checked this forums i figured out that he banned me for ''Wallhacking''.
    Man, I dont cheat, and if he did it on porpuse, then i need to know why.

    • CaRBoN -

      Server ?

  • Kickman Kick -

    CaRBoN UnBan me pls Warrior tell me about wallhack its not me its brother he hacked my cs 1.6 there my ip and steam my SteamID: 'STEAM_0:0:2095155671'
    my IP: '
    can unban me ? i dont do anything

  • Kickman Kick -


  • Kickman Kick -

    Oh Carbon be happy i Joined on your website and now meet me in zm level can i get vip :D !?

    • CaRBoN -

      Welcome dude, enjoy your stay

  • Xlr8^^ -

    Happy Birthday bruh, enjoy your day.

    • CaRBoN -

      oh god sorry im late thank u bro <3

    • Xlr8^^ -

      you're welcome <3

  • Lewis -

    I found the problem with my tesla lol.

  • Kentucky Fried Chicken -

    Welcome to sG, :D

    • CaRBoN -

      thanks :D