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  • Jack -

    Trial admin ain’t allowed to use custom reason ban, I thought you already know the rules? If a player comes back from a 15 minutes ban, then you should ban him perm for ban evader, pretty sure we have the “ban evader”option in ZP. But you didn’t use any of the reason, but made your reason custom which isn’t allowed for trial/server admin.

    • Luis.Albines -

      You're right, maybe I forgot that rule. I'm sorry, it was my mistake, it will not happen again.
      Thanks for your time and good afternoon.

  • GejkoMan[sG] -

    Please Unban me will not happen again I promise please

  • Nymph -

    Enrique aqui esta la lista de precios de los AmmoPacks por si te interesa.…g-points/&action=firstNew