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  • Sky -

    Congrats dude!!!

    • hallan07 -

      thanks mate

  • daFuQ -

    Happy bday

  • SG#POOl -

    but i am not a hacker

    • Mr.happy -

      Unban is to prove that you are not Hacker. if you really do not have, make the post and you will have your Unban, if it is proven otherwise, bye.

    • hallan07 -

      Forget it. He changed IP

  • SG#POOl -

    hey why you ban me??

  • SG#POOl -

    why you ban me bro??

  • VipeR* -

    hallan do you have discord?

    • hallan07 -

      I don't mate, but I've been thinking about creating an account there and I if do I'll let you know

  • ARMIN -

    bro send me your steam profile to add you, right now there's a hacker

  • Jack -

    I gave you access for DD2

    • hallan07 -

      oh thanks man

    • hallan07 -

      it says this when I try to access: You have no access to that command

    • Jack -

      Remember map change is required.

    • hallan07 -

      yeah you're right, I forgot

  • MrOtstej> -

    Been looking around for you man.. I have not seen you anywhere but on here.. I was just playing in the server and God I hate playing with people that don't work as a team.. no one follows the bomb or the bomb guy wants to sit back and awp from the spawn site.. just terrible tactics.. man I need a team...lol I might not be a great playing skill wise but I can call a plan of attack pretty well.. I don't know.. I am talking to myself here..lol

  • MrOtstej> -

    Hello my friend. I don't know where you want to meet later so I will look here on the web site for you.. I thought maybe we could practice in the pug server at some point but it wont let me in saying my validation is rejected.. idk why but I will message you later when i'm back..

  • hallan07 -

    Thanks dude :)

  • The Mighty Don't Kneel -

    Happy birthday

  • hallan07 -

    yeah i'm going to :)

  • X-1 -

    as i see u active in CTF and weapons arena u can apply for admin if u want .