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  • Xlr8^^ -

    Hey happy birthday dude, enjoy your day :)

    • wOxy'z -

      thanks bro.

  • Xlr8^^ -

    Hey, Happy Birthday :)

    • wOxy'z -

      thank u

  • The Mighty Don't Kneel -

    Happy bday buddy, enjoy your day.

    • wOxy'z -

      Thank u so much

  • Mr.happy -

    i miss u :v

  • CR 7 -

    Congratz keep up the good work :)

    • wOxy'z -

      thank u so much

  • smiley -

    hey Chrome :)

    • wOxy'z -

      tell me

  • Mist -

    Remember the next time, there will be no warnings but demotion.

  • Mist -

    You know all of this and still you do such things? Mind reading every thread related to admins in the "Admin Section" ? We even mentioned that in your Admin Application.

  • Mist -

    Did you ever read the terms and conditions for Server Admins? Clearly stated Admins aren't allowed to use CUSTOM ban reasons.

  • Mist -

    What is this man silentgamerz.com/banned/ban_list.php?bid=10901

  • Mr.sY` -

    a bit higher than normal member