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  • Angel -

    hopsin=Happyface i see n0w eheuehe

    • Hopsin -


    • Angel -

      do you mean pandaexpress?0_0 im really getting confuse af.But why u got banned from pdx reason bye.By sarah? i ask her then she told me your ban evader0_0..Can you explain some how?

    • The Mighty Don't Kneel -

      He is a ban evader and a hacker and you are annoying, now can both of you leave.

    • Angel -

      huh?who hell are you btw?> IF I WANT I CAN JOIN ANYWHERE I WANT.

    • The Mighty Don't Kneel -

      So you join sG in July, apply for admin and then say you will be gone for three months. After you get banned in half of your old communities you come here saying ,,oh I'm back". True you can join everywhere you want, but you will probably get banned aswell.