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  • Wasim Gamer YT -


  • nomore -

    Wish you a Happy Birthday, KillaH!

  • CGM -

    I miss u killah

  • [SFJB] Skipping -

    Oh and Hello Hey, I have an Amxx for you to put it on. Servers of you are called "Destroy" Ps, I do not know if you know him, it is a command that can destroy the Cs of who is using Wall / Hack / Speed ​​/ Aimbot Etc. I Will Pass The Link Of The Download Well If You Want To Put It On Your Server I Recommend It To Use Only On Console Put
    "amx_destroy" "User / id" And I Will Give You Destroy By Hacker I Recommend It Ah And I'm New In Servers And I Like All Servers: D

  • _THe_MaSTeR_PeaCe_ -

    please admin make me admin too plss i want it

  • bighi -


  • alarcona -

    hi . how to bhop in counter strike 1.6 zombie plague

  • The one and only -

    hi i am The mighty WaRRioR aka virtaulkillr i now cant login with steam so i lost my acc

  • Mk2*Team#1912'A -

    Hi KillaHinstinct, how to I get admin?

    *Sorry for my bad english

  • pokenzototh -


  • fernitech -

    the user (s) bans for no reason plis

  • fernitech -

    the user (s) bans for no reason

  • fernitech -

    user (Movimiento Naranja ) is hack

  • fernitech -

    usuario report me is hack

  • Krasi -

    Hey killa need admin in zombie cso levels online speed cheaters --> Money Over Life and more 1

  • Krasi -

    only paypal?

  • Ph3n0m3n@L -

    killah i want to buy vip, can you help me

  • fernitech -

    WE HAVE MANY PROBLEMS WITH OS USERS ZEST, TREES AND S. BY FABOR everyone leaves there is no balance

  • emmaahmad27 -


  • [sG]Parker -

    Happy birthdayyyyyy that mean 1 year closer from death >.<
    Enjoy in your life bro and I hop all th best for you HB

  • X-1 -

    HAPPY birthday killah :)

  • CaRBoN -

    killahinstinct add me on steam i need ya in something

  • Luis.Albines -

    como hago para donar en PLAGA ZOMBIE: ULTIMATE PAQUETE VIP

  • SUN` gReen` -

    respect killa: y admin (Stewie Griffi)ban with no reason, first time to see looks like sorry for that.resp

  • icone -

    <3 <3

  • [sG]Parker -

    We miss you here

    • KillaHinstinct -

      i was never gone >.< i just have nothing to do as i dont really want to work on the servers also i dont see anything i could improve on the forum

    • [sG]Parker -

      You have a point

  • Maes -


    • [sG]Parker -

      you forget the S it's boobs not boob

    • [sG]Parker -

      it;s very important cuz the boobs is hot and i love it

    • Cr[a]zy -

      well look, let me explain, boob means only one boob, boobs mean two boobs, at the beginning you dont need two boobs, one is enough or you will end up bad

    • [sG]Parker -

      one its not enough do like girl walking with one boob ?

    • Maes -

      I am calling killah a boob... there ain't no other killah i see in here.

  • [sG]Parker -

    You are not legend anymore >.<

  • Spr1nte[R] -

    what are you talking about ?

  • SUN` gReen` -

    mh sorry price of VIPS