Server Admin Aplication

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  • Server Admin Aplication

    Your In-Game name: m1kke

    Steam or Non-Steam: Steam

    Your SteamID: Can i give it later?

    Have you been admin before: Yes not just admin I was a server manager before.

    Why do you want admin access in our servers: just hate hackers and i hate it when i cant do nothing about it. People leave the server because of hackers and i dont want that since im going to be playing in this server more often

    Cheater reports link you have made: Is this necessary

    Do you know how to use AMX commands: Used to but im going to be honest im little out of practice

    Do you agree with our Admin rules: Yes

    Your time zone: East

    In which server you want to be admin: Dust 2
  • Thank you for your interest and application to become a server administer.
    Silent Gamerz is always looking for good admins in our servers.
    The reason we ask for a few cheater reports with your application is so we can see how you do.. and when your an admin they are necessary in order to keep things on a fair and professional level.. We ask for your Steam ID a head of time so we can check you out. its part of the selection process..

    My advice at this time is to show some face time in the servers, work on a couple reports and give us your steam ID.. If you are not comfortable giving your Steam ID here then you can PM it on the forum to one of the Staff members.

    Good luck..

  • It was either this one or my other account that i had for long time. New profile is because i didnt play for a while and i came back i didnt know my old account. And im going to be straight up with you i dont remember my name when i was here. It might sound funny but i change my name a lot i dont really care much about it. But i know Mr.SY and Crazy and a lot more people.