[sG] ^ Chris Assassin - Co Server Manager Application

  • Server Manager

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  • [sG] ^ Chris Assassin - Co Server Manager Application

    Your In-Game name: [sG] ^ Chris Assassin

    Steam or Non-Steam: Non-Steam

    Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:310798816

    In which servers have you been admin: Capture The Flag

    Your Time Zone: GMT -4 (Venezuela)

    In which server you want to be Co Server Manager: Capture The Flag

    Why should we accept you as a Co Server Manager:
    I Would Like Be Co-Server Manager 'cause I wanna Help more to Sg community and I think I can do a Good Job. I could Help "Sign up" and " "training" new admin recruits and Keep Eye to improve the server. Besides I could Help SM to Check Every admins and get a Faster and larger monthly (even Weekly) review. I speak English and Spanish well enough, so those "language barriers" could be reduced