Server mannager-sG | L*egu*

  • Server Manager

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  • Server mannager-sG | L*egu*

    Goodnight everyone :o

    Your In-Game name:sG | L*egu*

    Steam or Non-Steam:Steam

    Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:50512610

    Have you been admin before: yes

    Why do you want admin access in our servers:
    Because I want to help this community as much as possible to become one of the best servers and to have the server clean of the cheat, so that our players can play quietly

    Do you know how to use AMX commands and FTP: Yes, in FTP los basicos

    Do you agree to the Admin rules: completely

    Your Time Zone: 12:18am (GMT-4)

    In which server you want to be Server Manager: Dust2

    Why should we accept you as a Server Manager:
    Because it is the server in which I mainly dedicate my time to play, whenever I have availability of my time to clean the server I do, I am very concerned about the welfare of this server, as it is very good and especially to people like. Not long ago, I chose to be a DR, I did it because I wanted to do more for this community and I thank you for giving me the opportunity, before there were not many DR, I also wanted to help DR for that reason, so the reports had immediate answers, but As there are several DR at the moment, I want to choose the management of the server to continue helping this community.
    PD: If you accept me, I hope you will allow me to continue helping the DR. I know that I am changing my position but I want to continue providing all possible help to all, thank you for your attention.