sG | L*egu*- Co Server Manager

  • Server Manager

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  • sG | L*egu*- Co Server Manager


    Your In-Game name: sG | L*egu*

    Steam or Non-Steam: Steam

    Your SteamID:1411 STEAM_0:0:50512610

    In which servers have you been admin: In Dust2 and Zombes Plague BHOP

    Your Time Zone:14:12pm UTC-4

    In which server you want to be Co Server Manager: In Dust 2

    Why should we accept you as a Co Server Manager:
    I would like to be a support for the server to help him as much as I can everything related to him and this in my reach, the administrator of the main server I do not see him very connected and I want to help him since there are many hackers in the server and I would like to look for administrators who are willing to clean the server. I am also aware in the forum with the problems that arise or if they need an administrator on the server so that I can participate, since most of the time I am always active in the forum and, therefore, I give people the answers and fast solutions. regarding the server and looking to improve the server with what you can
  • LEGU wrote:

    Yes, but I have more time as administrator because my trial period was extended, what I want is to help bro
    It was extended because you havent banned anyone in servers that was a bad start

    If you want to help your best way to improve is banning hackers, but at the moment you are not ready for this position, you are a new admin.