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  • @Dizzy banned me for camping in the CTF server. I feel like this issue needs to be addressed once and for all. Does the SG community believe there should be camping in the CTF server?

    It is Capture the Flag so each team defends and tries to take the other team's flag. In any sport, there's defense and offense. I like to play defense because I am less likely to die and that is considered camping. I am the goalie of my team.

    I am one of two people in the top 5 that do not bunny hop. I lose 25 points for every death and gain only 2 points for every frag/kill, how am I supposed to progress if I keep dying? It's illogical.

    The community has to decide what to do with this because if there's no camping, then the camping meter should be turned on.
  • Once again you don't defend, you stay in Spawn spamming nades and waiting for other team come to Spawn. I've warning you a lot and the fact you don't try to get the flag of the enemy team is what makes me to ban you for camping which i know i might be getting punished for this.

    Here is 2 demos of you camping at base. This one already highers watched it. This was just before the ban

    You can't do something that you are not allowed even if in forum doesnt appear, as rule basic of CTF is not defend, is try to get the other team flag, you always do the same and you already have complainst about it, you don't even check the players for bans when you join in CTF
  • i support Dizzy all players saw that you are camping in your base an in other team base, people said that all the time, i dont have problem if you deffend but all time is bad, that is not defend is camp all persons that i know said that you are a camper a good camper thanks for read me :D
  • Spamming nades and protecting the flag is defending. Why are there even nades in the game if that's not what it's for? Isn't the idea of the mods of the grenades to protect the flag?

    So, everyone has to go for the flag? In football/soccer, there are strikers and goalies. Goalies do not go and try to score for their team. I play like Manuel Neuer not Ronaldo or Messi.

    If you see my profile, I have taken the flag the most out of any person in the server (over 5,000 times).

    There's a feel to the game as well, no one should try to capture the flag when the other team is at full strength with all their players alive. You go when the time is right like timed aggression in poker.

    One suggestion is to make a change to the nades so that it's not triggered by those who throw it. I waste my money if I bypass my nades and trigger them.

    Where does it say the basic rule of CTF is not to defend? The whole concept of it is to take and defend.

    People complaining is one thing, but do admins bow down to them when it's within the rules?

    Ricardoat, if we check your chat history, you've been griping about this forever and it's mainly you and some of your clan people.

    I don't like bunnyhoppers who fly throughout the server and can capture a flag in 5 seconds, but that's how the server is played so I adapt to it.
  • Closed for now. For there to be balance in-game, defending comes with capturing, i get what you're trying to say but Neuer does often go the the halfline even in the other sides box so if you are only defending, try to capture more. I say ,,if'' because i'm not ingame to judge who is wrong and who is right, that's why @War is our server manager and he will decide who gets punished and who not. @Dizzy i could kind of understand your actions, but not when i told you how the process goes and you still went and did this. As for strafers @Federalis , it's allowed, but from what i've seen on ctf there are barely any left, and you can easily strafe yourself if you have 80+ fps.

    Federalis wrote:

    I am one of two people in the top 5 that do not bunny hop. I lose 25 points for every death and gain only 2 points for every frag/kill, how am I supposed to progress if I keep dying? It's illogical.

    What you need to do is keep a 8+ kpd ratio. Even better you can capture the flag or help your team capture it by supporting and you should get points from team capture. Here is my old account where i played like you, more camping than capturing and always looking how to make more points. And you know what wish i hadn't been ruining the game for so many players, reseted the account long time ago and haven't tried camping and trying hard since that, why - because it isn't worth it. Try to always have fun and make sure others are having fun aswell, it's just a game, no need to get annoyed over it. As for the repercussions, it will be @War decision