Unbann Apeal

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  • Unbann Apeal

    HardWay banned me for no reason !!! He says its Admin Disrespect .... Actually He was making fun of me ... calling me a 10 year old and laughing and i called him immature !!

    Serverinfo packet received.
    Clearing memory
    Remote host: [sG] Zombie Plague [BHOP] #Non-Steam |SilentGamerz.com|
    Spooling demo header.
    Using silentgamerz.com/server/ as primary download location
    Verifying and downloading resources...
    Texture load: 3.8ms
    Setting up renderer...
    CL_SignonReply: 1
    121.8 megabyte data cache
    CL_SignonReply: 2
  • First of all don’t come in here flaming and getting mad when I thought u were 10 years old. I actually thought u were 10 years old how would I know? Second of all use the correct format. If u sit there and insult me then yes it is admin disrespect.

    Ban expired

    -Have a good day :)
  • What is this hardway, you started provoking him calling him "bad" several times then he did a dumb joke to you, then you said, "ez ban" are you trying to piss people off just because you are admin? if you are gonna ban a player just do it, don't warn him, If you ban players for 1 week, you will receive a warning/suspension, maximium ban for disrespect is 15 minutes. Depending the situtation, you can ask an staff to increase the ban. Threaten players is not allowed, make sure to read the rules again.

    Also revo those kind of jokes aren't good, think about it before posting those dumb jokes, if you call it a joke to be honest.

    Both of you avoid fighting and making drama in server.

    You are already unbanned anyway. Don't appeal for an unban request if you are banned for 15 minutes...