HELLO, I am here For the AdminShip

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  • HELLO, I am here For the AdminShip

    I am here for the adminship at ( sG Zombie Plaugue ) I would be one of the best admin !!! I am Active almost everyday !! and a lot of the people there know me !!! Infact I am playing on the sv Right now! LOL

    Your In-Game name: sG# REVOLUTiON

    Steam or Non-Steam: Steam

    Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:219578981

    Have you been admin before: Yes

    Why do you want admin access in our servers: I want admin acess because everyone is looking for admins when I am online and basically they are looking for help with blockers, people with scripts … so I basically just wanna help them and …. Hey come on WHOE DOESNT LIKE TO BE AN ADMIN !!!

    Cheater reports link you have made: Well I have left messages to my Admin friend like Mugzz, HardWay.

    Do you know how to use AMX commands: Yes

    Do you agree with our Admin rules: Hell Yes

    Your time zone:
    Time zone of Middletown Township, PA
    Eastern Standard Time

    In which server you want to be admin: Zombie Plague [BHOP]
    Thank You …. I would really appreciate if u guys thought on this one !!!! Thank You again!
  • Requirements:
    [*]You must be a Member.
    [*]You are only able to apply for 1 server at a time and you have be active in the server you are applying for (5 Days Per week). You Must Notify us if you are on a Short/Long Term Relief.
    [*]Forum use is a must. The forums are used for conveying messages about events, contests, announcements, along with general socialization.
    [*]Be motivated and able to learn quickly. Don't be shy. Ask around if you don’t know anything. We are here to help.
    [*]Be mature. It is not so much about your age as it is about your personality and the way you act with others. We love having fun.
    [*]Voice your opinion. This is one of the most important rules because if we are able to reach a consensus as a Community, it’s one step forward to staying at the top.
    -qwertyPlayz #sG

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