Zombie Plague Gamemodes Ideas

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    • Zombie Plague Gamemodes Ideas

      Hi guys! I know that Christmas is coming very very soon. So I have a few ideas about new game modes for this season:

      1. Musketeer Mode - Holds a Sawn-off Shotgun (M3 Shotgun) and deals extremely high damage at close range to zombies.
      2. Three Musketeers Mode - Same as umbrella mode or Donald Trump mode but Humans are Musketeers.
      3. The Grinch Mode - Flies around with his jetpack and summons elves that can do half-damage as their normal damaging skill. Press "G" to activate.

      Got any questions? Simply reply!

      -qwertyPlayz #sG

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    • I agree they would be cool, but look at it in this perspective. The server already has A LOT of game modes that Some players haven’t tried out yet including me. Of course I can think of a million different game modes and make a thread. I like the idea don’t get me wrong, I can see this as being a temporary thing during the holidays. I’ll give it a

    • I know right. Are all players going to wait for the gamemode to start? This is why I created these ideas because most gamemodes are left unused, almost abandoned.
      -qwertyPlayz #sG

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    • qwertyPlayz wrote:

      Rather than playing usual gamemodes, why not make new and more to make it more fun? At some point
      the usual modes are those that keep the server full.
      that is to say, although they have a long time whit this modes, the players they continue liking those Modes, to change all the Modes is to start the server from scratch.

      Now, if what you wanted to say is to eliminate some Modes that are not used so much, then I agree with you.
    • Seems like this is getting nowhere. If we were to change the game modes we currently have, it would force the current players to adapt to the changes and that would leave the new players clueless. Change is good in some aspects however, from what I have heard/experienced players and people in general don't like change. It seems to be going just fine the way it is. Also If we were to change the game modes we all love, it might cause players to leave. Hope this cleared the dust!
    • Some people don't even care about other types of gamemodes and hate them. I'm not saying that every gamemode they love should be removed but at least they could be recycled then get them back at the right time (just in case).

      I think this discussion is becoming pointless and irrelevant now. So we have to keep focused on my ideas I have. It is what it is just about.
      -qwertyPlayz #sG