Math system has flaws

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    • Math system has flaws

      Hello there. I just want to inform something that admins may already know but it's worth checking, nonetheless.

      The math system is flawed. Look at this:

      In the screenshot, we were playing that Q&A mode in which we die if we fail. I died even though I clearly gave the correct answer (24) to 6(8-4). As I had a second chance, I then tried the negative answer just to see if it could work, so I answered -24, but that didn't work either. This happened three weeks ago.

      It also happens that the random math operations to win 5 points are also flawed. For instance, if you're asked 4*(8-5), which its answer is 12, you can answer 120 and still win the points.
    • 6*(8-4) = 24 is correct. Their math system is probably "rigged". That seemed to be reasonable. This might be a bug or a glitch, or an error has occurred to their math system development
      -qwertyPlayz #sG

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