ban injusto por uso de wall+aimbot

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  • ban injusto por uso de wall+aimbot

    Hi, they accused me of using wall + aimbot and they gave me permanent ban ... I do not use any of that mine is to play well rushiar and listen well, I did not see the video recorded by admin but it is false it could be confused by I have a habit of hearing some noise of steps enter or exit shooting whoever it is and the rushiar helps a lot to know where they are said to use aimbot that is false since the shots with ak if you shoot the head in 1 or 2 shots kill to the opponent I do not need anything of aimbot or hack to be a good player I hope that my situation is solved or I wait for an answer with serious arguments since of having wall I would not be protesting it would be something illogical I would like to come back to play in this classic sv since I like it a lot and my friends are also welcome!
  • Tienes que esperar a que Anakin suba su Demo, solo han pasado 7 horas, Anakin tiene 24 horas para subir la demo. si no lo hace se te dara el Unban.

    You have to wait for Anakin to upload his Demo, it's only been 7 hours, Anakin has 24 hours to upload the demo. If he does not, we will give you the Unban.
  • Well I tried to find the demonstration about its prohibition but I have not found it, it is my mistake and I recognize it. But the fact of your use of wallhack was visible since I was seeing you during 2 maps. I have all my demos that I always do when seeing a hacker but not yours maybe it's luck, 2 administrators have you in their sights, not only me so play clean, this time I do not have a demonstration to justify your ban. It also improves your vocabulary whenever you enter, stop insulting other players.