New player :)

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    • New player :)

      Hi all ..
      I'm a new player here ^^
      i like ur server " escape server "
      I'm so lucky to know ur server it's the most beautiful server i've ever seen
      so ,,,, let's begin with my personal details :
      My name is : Joseph
      I'm from : USA
      I'm 24 Years old
      my university's name : Pace University
      Thank you

      L <3 ve ya
      <3 <3 <3 <3
    • Kentucky Fried Chicken wrote:

      Welcome to our community Joseph, glad to have you here.

      Please take some time to read thru the rules.

      Thank you and happy gaming !

      P.S. Pace is the University located in downtown Manhattan isn´t it ?
      i read the rules , thank u bro .
      Pace in New York i think they have Branches in different countries
      l <3 ve ya

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