stuff have to change

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    • stuff have to change


      guys there is some stuff have to change in the server like

      1- jumping boom ; this boom its so overpowered in the game because you can jump almost anywhere in the map here is a example

      2- leave system : the level system is kind a useless because most of the good weapons are opened with 0 level i think you guys should make the levels easy and unlock weapons in every 1 level

      3- adding weapons ; when there is a very cool weapons more players will have fun to the server and stay to use them and fell happy after they use them i think you guys should i add more weapons for fun here is a example of a cool weapons

      4- removing admin menu from vip players : those VIP player using admin menu for fun and leveling up on easy way and they doing it many times when one of the admin not in the server

      so this is all i have for now and i hope you guys listen to me ty