Unban Appeal

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  • Unban Appeal

    Format :

    Your In Game Name: 6ix9ine ^
    Name of the Admin who banned you: Nymph #sG
    Fatal Killerz==CLassic Maps| SilentGamerZ

    Ban URL (optional): silentgamerz.com/banned/ban_list.php?bid=28582


    Sorry, but when I was banned from leaving the game immediately and I forgot the information of the ban, but when I want to enter the server this appears.

    6ix9ine ^ connected
    Kicked by Console: You are BANNED. Check your console.

    Kicked : You are BANNED. Check your conso

    The truth is that I do not understand, I am free to use programs that are not allowed in the community, I play every day on the server, I have conversations with the administrators that I get along with, all the players know me as sG MONSTER and now Mr. enters Nymph and bannea by AutoBhop? I never knew I was an administrator because most of the time there are always hackers with aimbot or another hack and those who are always and take action are ThiNhio, Run Run and VALBOY, and then nobody else. I enter only to bannearme? If you want I can teach any administrator how to jump like this, just use the scroll speed commands and that's it. when they want I can talk about that, just ask me to dissolve because it is unfair and I play daily on that server that I like so much and if I would use that nonsense I would not take the time to write this in this post. Hugs
  • As seen in the Run Run video, when I want to jump like this, I advance several times and it does not come out. If I had a program, everything would be perfect, right? As I said before, I only use Commands to have speed and the mouse wheel, if I want I can show them how I do it, I do not use any type of programs or scripts / hyper scroll as Nymph says
  • @monsteR^, I suggest you speak with sincerity.
    Are you using a mouse with hyperscroll? There is no doubt that the bunnyhope you used at that time is not normal, in that list you mentioned Tiin to RunRun and Valboy, but you forgot that I was also very frequent in that server and I got to see you, so, I know your bunnyhope but I have never seen you moving like that.
  • It's true brother, I'm sorry I've forgotten you, No, I use a mouse sensillo, it's only wireless that the only thing you have is right click, left, the wheel and the battery, there's nothing else if you want I can show you the mouse With the game that has nothing, nor use programs or script as I said, I can teach how to jump that way. I'm clean of hacks!
  • I will not repeat this. I'm going to grant your Unban.
    I recommend that you do not focus on the Bunny.
    however much skill you have for that, if it becomes an unfair advantage for other players, things like this will happen.
    this has already happened with another player who was banned for the same.

    Do not disappoint me.

    Unban Approved.