Pinned Boost Application (BETA) Is Now Available

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    • Boost Application (BETA) Is Now Available

      Hi, We're back again... :)
      Happily & Thanks To Our Owner @Spr1nte[R] We got the official beta version of GTRS Boost Application Menu ... So i wanted to be the first SM who load this plugin and test in ZApocalypse, Waiting for some good results from players who would boost server to get VIP

      So how does it work?

      The player will say /boost or /buyvip , a menu which includes the available countries that could boost from GTRS will be shown on the Player's game overlay.

      Once the player select his country , it will shows a motd that tells him the instruction for boosting server like below


      Number where to send SMS: 6569
      Message format: "TXT GTRS" "IP:address" "Nick"
      send to number 6569[/b]
      Message example: TXT GTRS turshija

      Message price: €1.50,

      According to our prices here is the vip duration:
      1x Boost = 3 days V.I.P
      3x Boosts = 7 days V.I.P
      5x Boosts = 15 days V.I.P
      VIP Priviliges Are Same As You Would Buy Through Paypal Say /vip to see V.I.P Priviliges :D