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  • i saw quite shaking but not sure if aimbot or not
    name empty
    steam STEAM_0:1:7232995
    hack Not sure what is was maybe it was walls
    your skin isn't paper
    don't cut it.

    your face isn't a mask
    don't hide it.

    your body isn't a book
    don't judge it.

    your Life isn't a film
    don't end it.

    1 :) Can Change The World

  • the demo is strange but reviewing it carefully I realized that it is not to turn on or off your hack, is that there are times when it gives a little moment of lag and when firing seems to shake a bit.

    the demo is clean.

    @sG | Marty Although the player has been playing on the server for centuries, that does not mean he can not use hack. Do your job as an administrator and make sure that the player does not use anything, if he does not really use anything, then tell the other administrators.
    Good Job @Marco lacson