unbanned me

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  • unbanned me

    SKA^. Unknown # Dsk
    SteamID STEAM_0:0:1131376318
    Steam Community ID 76561200223018364
    IP address hidden
    Ban type Dual (IP + AuthID)
    Reason Multihacker
    Invoked on 09 Aug 2018 - 13:22:35
    Expires on Not applicable
    Banned by Anakin #sG(Trial Admin Anakin)
    Banned on [sG] Zombie Plague [BHOP] #Non-Steam |SilentGamerz.com| (zm_sg_hyperstone_beta)
    Total expired bans 2
    really go unabnned me me no hack lol wtf
  • Link: mediafire.com/file/9ln4wartam4b36i/SKAHACKAHAHAHHAA.dem/file
    I had curious about this player because his gstrafes looks very weird cause of his fps I though these things of gstrafes were normal, but I know many gstrafers players and I take my time to spec yo. Watch the minute 14 at the mod HIDE AND SEEK, in that moment, he was doing gstrafes even when he does close to wall something that players can't do, because you start lossing speed, He can active and deactive his hack for a moment, and for that I had to spy you for a long time. Till I catched you.
  • The demo is clean if we talk about "Multihack".
    but it's definitely Dirty if we talk about Script.
    There are only two ways to do that type of Duck, having Script or Using the Mouse whose wheel turns a lot with a single movement and both are forbidden here.

    Demo Dirty,

    The post was edited 1 time, last by Nymph ().

  • Funny thing you tried to hide it when an admin were in spectator. Nice job doing that. You got banned in other community for having this hack, you didn't even bother to make an unban appeal there.I don't understand why trying to appeal here when your hacks were so blatant in this demo.

    There's no way to gstrafe like that with 150 fps without moving the mouse. Of course when you had "knife" it looks like your scripts start doing your job.

    gj anakin

    Unban Request Denied.