unban appeal

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  • unban appeal

    Kicked by Console: You are BANNED. Check your console.
    Kicked : You are BANNED. Check your console.
    Connecting to
    Connection accepted by
    banned for"wallhacking"
    admin sk I Walle
    Steam Community ID76561200356549038
    IP addresshidden
    Ban typeDual (IP + AuthID)
    Invoked on06 Aug 2018 - 13:36:48
    Expires onNot applicable
    Banned bySk | Walle(Trial Admin | 2SMART4YOU)
    Banned on[sG] Dust2 24/7 #Non-Steam |SilentGamerz.com| (de_dust2)
    Total expired bans2

    im the same person, sha_. sha_LT. tourist_LT. dRnKsTeIn_. so,im slow in english,its hard fr me explain, im tourist,heave bussiness in usa and canada im traveling offer from usa chicago to canada few places,and the same back, i dont us any hacks,pls unban me.
  • Your style of game ? you are walling man...you are a nice wallhack player...I have been around the block, I was playing tournaments years ago and can easily say who is cheating or not, that is why I applied to be an admin to help this server to get rid of people like you. There are several times where the guy is on shift there is no way you can hear it , you are holding the "h" grenade and waiting until the guy passes cat. Admins take a look also at the end of the demo!!!!!!!!
    That's why I spent a lot of time watching you!!!!