Admin Abuse

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  • In-game name: ~vVv~

    In which server: DD2

    Steam ID/IP: STEAM_0:0:449459119

    Admin who abused : Looney

    Evidence (demo/SS) and description of the event: Playing for CT, came from long to mid and got kick from Looney. No one holding mid and every time I go B or A , T's comes from back, mid! Looney started taking advantage of it and I demolished him for abusing it lol. He got so upset and gave me warning. Next time when I came from long to mid, I killed him again and he kicked me out. I cant even tell how many times Ts were camping at spawn prior to double doors (A side) and for sure he needs to kick me not them, 'cause they weren't killing him (Looney) right? smh..

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  • well, fisrt of all, don't lie face to face.. i've killed u like 10 times camping in base and while i was checking for hackers i saw u on spawn camping.. So there it goes.. My concience is clear and if i see u again ill do it again.
  • How come you killed me 10 times? If I had 3 death with 19 win right before you kicked me out? You said you specked then show us ur demo! CUT THE BULL!!! I came from long to mid and I killed you, you got pissed and kicked me out! just fking admit! I did nothing wrong.... since when CT not allowed to hold mid?! l caught you when I was dead while YOU camping in T spawn (and not doing objective) and I posted! Double standard much?! Do you have any demo of me not doing objective and camping?

    The post was edited 1 time, last by vVv ().