Moderator Abuse

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  • Moderator Abuse

    Hello. It is all about TealC. He demoted me, because I got 2 days left and he wanted me to ban 9 more hackers in the Zombie Elimination server. What does he expect from me? In this servers don't often join hackers. He told me "I already offered you to transfer your rights to CTF." and yes he offered me this, but I rejected. I've always wanted to be admin in the Zombie Elimination server. By his logic no one will become admin in the server. Pretty dumb, huh? I'm not about my rights. I don't care if I'm gonna be a member or admin. It's about this guy. He's being really rude and annoying. Fix this thing or at least explain to me where is my mistake. :) Oh and also, TealC, don't dare to delete that thread. I'll create a new one if you do it. If you ban me, I'll create another profile. Even if you ban me by IP, I'll talk to Sprinter through Steam. I don't care. Smile more and be kind to others. >:)
  • There isnt one reason why i should delete this thread. You just prove once again that you are not capable of being an admin. The main problem here is, that you are not an regular admin. You got accepted without any cheater reports or anything else. It is just obvious that we are going to be a little bit stricter. But lets just say you are an regular admin, here are some facts.

    I didnt demote you cuz you had 2 days left. You have 1 ban. And you were disrespectful, once again. And we already gave you a chance to prove yourself.

    And we did offer you to change your admin access so you can prove yourself, that doesnt mean that you would be always admin in ctf. After your trial phase we couldve switch your access.

    And you didnt rejected the offer.

    Since you decided to make a thread about this, the reason we demoted you at first was that you begged for money all the time. After we asked you to stop it, you decided to make an thread where you asked for money. After that, you wrote to us again. Then you were disrespectful about why we wouldnt give you money.

    Then you contacted sprinter, he asked me for a second chance for you which we approved. In your trial phase, we messaged you to inform you that you need to be more active to become full admin. As we offered you to switch your access, you said you would think about it. We received no message.

    Then we wrote to you, to inform you again that your trial phase is over in 2 days and we still had no activity from you. Then you were disrespectful again.

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  • Yo, let me tell you something. The thread was old. Really old. Back in the days I wanted to unlock my account. I wasn't disrespectful because you didn't gave me money. Your words were "Fu*k off, I'm not your bank". That' s disrespectful. I don't like people who are being rude to me. I don't care if you're moderator or leader. You didn't mention that you'll swap me back to the ZE server. You just asked for swapping. Oh. You cropped the other part, right? We both know why, right? >:)
  • You dont know what being disrespectful means. Just because the thread was old this doesnt mean you didnt do it. You had 3 warnings, 1 ban in which you didnt use your tag and didnt had a demo. People have been kicked for less worse things.

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  • Seems like you want attention that bad, well I will give you something.

    You not welcome here, we don’t give chance to those who failed twice in trial period.

    Every decision is going pass me and I need to agree them, from that kind of attitude I can convince sprinter to permanent block you on steam.

    Next time earn your shit and stop the begging.

    If you know there's hardly cheaters in ZE, why did you declined server swap in the first place? Server swap suppose to bump your banning job up. But I guess you doesn't even want to improve, so what's the point having you on the admin team?

    You lost your chance not because we abused, you lost your chance because you can't be bothered to improve and realise everything up to this point was you begging from us and getting free shit back in return without any support toward the server.
  • I will put my hands on the fire for a while.
    Everything that Jack and Teal C unfortunately said to you, is true.

    If you did not know about that change, with a simple: "but I do not want to be an administrator in CTF I want to be in ZE", it would be enough for he to respond: "do not worry, you can change your access later." But from what I've read, you never answered.

    but hey, that's not the reason why we should hate you ...
    When we fail some notes in class, we always blame the teacher and, sometimes, we do not realize that we deserve that note, the same happens in this case.

    Jack responded angrily with all reason in the world, but if you calm down a little and begin to think about everything, you will realize that the error comes from you and he is right in eveytime.

    Anyway, and now to finish this thread, not because TealC's attitude has seemed annoying and offensive, it means that he hates you, nobody here hates you, we are more than a community, a kind of family and here we try to get the best possible if you really can not understand that, then I do not recommend many things...

    PS: I want to be your friend, I want to help you in everything bad, but if you do not cooperate with me, you will be left without anyone to support you. I have nothing else to say. everything has a solution talking, it is not necessary to make a scandal.
  • They aint rude to you, they just care of their servers

    Don't take it personally but you are looking to help only with lot admins, if you really want to show how much helpfully you are then stay in that server, be active and show that even if you don't get those bans you'll be active and they will see that if you don't even get the bans you tried and they would you give you a secound chance.