Pyro abuse

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  • This Is not Recorded Recently and it might be recorded befor 2 or 1 week..Befor wicho said U cant start same round and i got that point and use to be an good admin....

    Comming to demo this guy came here after i started vote for hns....cuz of laggg and bad models my cs crashes regularly and my vote is completed and and dint start mode...and i start my cs again and get that mode...One day Wicho Told me that u can start 2 modes but different one and i dont start same mode from 2 weeks and I only start 2 modes 1 mode when there is more admins and no modes when 2 or more admins....and i will hardly start 3rd mode when players urges me to start and i do vote for that tooo....This guy was warned by me for CAMPING and posting old demos I am More meture then begining....Following Red he was cornering me....I dont do any abuse....If i had doubt i ask TealC and Wicho and Xlr8...Camila wanted to remove my admin ??Then your wish will be completed soon...I Think Camila Waited as an eagle to reporte me when some one did she posted old demo
    "Love <3 is emotions..........Emotions are based on science.Anything that cannot be proved or explained by science does not exist </3 " :think:

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