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  • My brother plays on my CS, so he often changes my name(He doesn't know i'm admin plus he has no knowledge on amx)

    Anywho when I join ZP after he's finished playing I usually come in with a different name, when I notice, I change my name back to Red #sG

    @Pyro keeps threatening me that he'll report me and shit like that when I change it after 3-10 seconds when I join the server. Happened 3 times already, and he got mad that I didn't wanna be his "friend" so he kept annoying me and he just threatened me like 10 minutes ago, even after I changed my name back

    He keeps talking shit, and makes me not want to even play while he's online

    @Nymph @wicho - el patron it isn't considered admin abuse, but i'm this close to banning him and getting stripped of my admin
    i kid i kid
    fr tho
    The Mighty Do Kneel
  • Hello , Maybe I should not be involved in this thread and maybe I can get punished but really I dont give a fuck , come to the topic This fucking kid with name Pyro is so immature in his duty talking shit every single time if u play good , he usually send a message in our steam when he offends and be prepotent but whatever he suck thats the point a lil advice even u guys dont need it , keep an eye on him ;)
  • I didnt know that this offended you Red, i wont message you ingame again. I apologize if i did something wrong.

    Comming To @Lerttis I warned 2 time about air lm over sb and didnt give any punishment and Just warning..I dont put any lie bans on Players pro than me...Ur not In my friend list to advice me dont make shows here

    Alot apologize Red
    "Love <3 is emotions..........Emotions are based on science.Anything that cannot be proved or explained by science does not exist </3 " :think:
  • Hes trying to do a good job, dont be so hard on him, being a good admin takes time. He dont abuses his admin, sometimes before he does anything he ask me for advice and stuff, give him the time he needs. He already talked with me in this case cuz he didnt know what he did wrong, i explained it to him and he wont do it again.