Unban req

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  • Your In Game Name: Lyca[N]^
    Name of the Admin who banned you: Red
    Server: Zombie Plague

    "Kicked. You are banned. Check your console"
    P.S Console doesn't have the whole ban info
  • you didn't record the demo?tf bruh
    Now I have to explain it all.
    My little brother plays 1.6 especially the zombie 5.5 mod that you guys run and he is just 7 so he is not that good at the game especially at strafing/bhopping and stuff etc.
    Sometimes when I want to play so I just ask him to let me play 1 or 2 maps or some rounds and he does. As for me, I know how to bhop/strafe etc. but I don't play regularly.
    I usually play csgo/dota 2/wow etc. The time when I got banned, I asked my brother to let me play and I played 2 rounds and that might had made the suspicion that suddenly how "Lyca[N]^" started bhopping/strafing so good/fast.
    I've been a DR in the past so I know the pain, basically the time it takes on an unban appeal.
    As I don't play this game much so when I got banned I told my brother to play on any other zp server but he likes this mod and if I'm not mistaken your community is the only one running that mod version i.e (wicho) so he kept saying that fix this error.
    I didn't want to make the thread just because of the time it consumes so I re-installed cs to check if it changes steamid but it didn't so I came here to post an unban appeal. I didn't change my steamid by any other means just because my brother will have to play with other nick or have to keep a low profile which he wouldn't like neither I and he doesn't wants to change the nick and by any other means can bring a virus in my pc.
    I'm a steamer, was a DR in LgK then left 1.6 especially the communities. Now I play scrim and LAN matches and if you think why I was not doing sgs/gs so the reason is that I only play on UCP cs,some of you might know it, it's like an anti-cheat cs and you can't scroll duck so we do ducking by spamming the "ctrl" key so you can't strafe with that and I'm used to do ducking with it that's why I don't do gs/sgs just so I do not get used to it. I only use my steam accounts for go or dota and steam cs is not currently installed on my pc so that's why my brother plays on non-steam on which I got banned.
    P.S I don't have the demo as I thought the admin banning me would have made one and I can pm my steam links if wanted.

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  • @TealC I just explained it above that I re-installed my cs so obviously all the demos (extra files) have been deleted and I did not had the knowledge that admins don't record the demo as it is auto-recorded because back then even if the demo was auto-recorded, admin had to make a demo of the guy hacking 3-4 rounds at least.
  • I'm not stupid. I don't remember when or why I banned you, but I rarely make mistakes(Especially when it comes to ZP) Pretty sure I caught you bhopping very fast with 500 fps, which is impossible.
    Plus I Probably did record a demo, but i'm at work right now.. so I wanted to save us both the time, and asked you to upload it

    I'll take a second look at it when I get home, re-opened for now.
    The Mighty Do Kneel

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