ADM abuse (noob) :)

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  • ADM abuse (noob) :)

    i wanna know how he can do it? ban me because tell him noob? he cant? i need paid adm for do this too...


    PriSoN : sG dont like to lose? noob type one more time rs :D

    *** Vtouti-S killed TiinhiiO^^ with a headshot from ak47 ***
    Missing RIFF/WAVE chunks
    Vtouti-D killed Vtouti-S with ak47
    PriSoN (RADIO): Todos a cubierto!
    Vtouti-D (RADIO): Todos a cubierto!
    PriSoN (RADIO): Todos a cubierto!
    BATA REYES (RADIO): Todos a cubierto!

    Kicked by Console: You are BANNED. Check your console.
    Kicked : You are BANNED. Check your console.

    ADM :

    أركض أركض* #sG