Pinned Base Builder Rules

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  • Base Builder Rules

    First of all i welcome you all to base builder server hope you have fun
    Our IP :
    -Player rules-
    • dont build a block base where zombies cant get in
    • dont block zombie base that will get you banned from building for rest of map
    • if you got banned for 3 maps straight for blocking zombie base you will get banned for 1 day from server next time you do it it will be for a week etc...
    • respect other players and respect the admins
    • dont insult players or admins if u do that you will get gaged/slayed/kicked/banned...
    -Admin rules-
    • dont use /swap for no reason
    • dont swap players
    • dont ban players just because they offended you you have amx_gag use it
    • dont ban players from building because they messed your building
    • dont ban players for no reason

    • dont do base block if you do that you will get suspended then next time you do it again you will get removed from admin

    • dont block zombie's base if you do that you will get suspended

    • dont change map just because you dont like it if you do it you will get suspended

    • dont insult other admins

    • always listen to player problems and try to solve it if you cant there are the sm's talk to them and they will help you

    • dont insult players
    • use /ban to ban players who blocked zombie base
    • if you see a block base where zombie's cant get in ruin the base its forbiden to do block base

    • dont swap your self just because you want to play in ct's or zombie's

    • if a player insults you gag him

    • if you see 2 players fighting gag them

    • before changing map make a vote

    • if you see another admin breaking a rule report him and you might get rewarded

    • if you give your admin password you will be removed from admin and banned from server permantly
    All the admins have to respect these rules welcome to our server hope you like it enjoy.

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