Pinned New Announcement!!! BASE BUILDER V6.5

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    • New Announcement!!! BASE BUILDER V6.5


      So i expect that this mod will be something special in sg server afterwards, anyway... i will present this mod

      - About -
      Base builder zombie mod is an idea that totally warps the idea of a Half-Life zombie mod. If you're familiar with Counter-Strike Source zombie mods, then you are also aware of the physics which allows the user to essentially build his/her own barricade using couches and other objects laying around. Using this concept, I thought of moving this idea a step further and allow the user to create their own entire bases. After all, everyone likes to make their own maps. So why not let them?

      Because every user is different and will like to build their own different styles of bases, every round is different. It is nearly impossible to recreate exact bases (unless the user has practiced significantly), so playing one map won't get too old too quickly.

      - How it's Played -
      Base Builder divides the round up into two important phases: the build phase and then the defend phase. During the build phase, the builders (CTs) must work as a team in order to build their own bases by looking at an object and holding down their "+use" key. The object will then turn a pure color become transparent. While the object is being grabbed, the user may move it by looking where he/she wants it to go. Additionally, players may use their left and right mouse buttons to push and pull the object respectfully.

      When the user is satisfied with the objects new location, he/she can release their "+use" key and it will become a solid object again. Admins also have the unique ability to lock/unlock pieces from movement by typing "/lock" while looking at the object they want locked. This makes the selected object a solid color (representative of their personal color) and unmovable until it is unlocked. (See object locking for more info)

      During the build phase, the zombies (Terrorists) wait and view the builders (CTs) bases for possible flaws and plan out their attack strategy. The zombies spawn area is typically split into two parts: the viewing area with a window to see the bases being built, and the spawn area with a "barrier" which is the door to enter the arena.

      When the build phase ends, there is the option of a preparation phase occuring (See preparation phase for more info). Once the preparation phase ends, the defend phase begins. When this happens, the barrier will be removed and the zombies released to try and kill the survivors. The zombies only have a specified amount of time to kill the survivors (Determined by their mp_roundtime CVAR see CVARs for more info). The humans must defend their bases with an assortment of different weapons each being useful in their own way. If you die as a zombie, then you will respawn after X seconds to rejoin the fight. If you die as a survivor, you will either have wait until the round is over, or you will become "infected" and respawn as a zombie.

      When the timer runs out and any survivors are alive, the round ends and the survivors win, and then the teams are swapped. If the survivors die beforehand, then the zombies win and the teams are swapped. Because of possible imbalances, players who survive the round will not stay as a builder, because everyone needs to get a chance.

      Building bases can be fun! There are limitless possibilities. After spending countless hours testing and playing this modification, I have seen many differently-styled bases be quite successful. Typically, players stick building up, but occasionally someone will build a tunnel-style base. In my experience, ground bases work better then air bases.

      - Phases of the Mod -

      • Build Phase: This is always at the beggining of the round, when players do not fight, but build their bases. During this time, it is imperative that players check and test their bases for flaws, blockages, or mistakes.[/b]

      • Preparation Phase: This was an idea someone submitted that sounded brilliant. The preparation phase is a phase set aside from the build phase where normal players are no longer allowed to build. This is when players also have their guns menu opened to select weapons. During this phase, players have a time limit to get inside their bases, which in turn proved that their bases are possible and not blocked. This greatly reduces the need for admins on 24/7.

      • Defend Phase: This is the main battle phase of the mod. During this phase, your get to put your base to the test, or attack the builders bases.

      - Moving Blocks -
      To move, look at a block and hold your +use key
      To push, hold left click (slash)
      To pull, hold right click (stab)

      - CVARS -
      bb_buildtime "150" //Build Time
      bb_preptime "30" //Prep Time (0 will disable phase)
      bb_zombie_respawn_delay "3" //Zombie Respawn Delay (in seconds)
      bb_infection_respawn "5" //Survivor Respawn Infection Delay (in seconds), set to 0 for no respawn
      bb_showmovers "1" //Show last movers on objects
      bb_lockblocks "1" //Lock blocks <0/1>, see lock blocks
      bb_lockmax "10" //Lock max
      bb_colormode "1" //Color mode <0/1/2> Menu, one color per player, random
      bb_max_move_dist "768" //Push ceiling
      bb_min_move_dist "32" //Pull floor
      bb_min_dist_set "64" //Grab set (if they grab object that's too close, how far to set distance)
      bb_resetblocks "1" //Reset blocks on new round
      bb_zombie_supercut "0" //One hit kill for zombies

      - Commands -
      +use = grabs selected object while pressed (+grab works for older users)
      /guns = Opens the guns menu (CTs can change guns until build time is up)
      /respawn = Zombie command to respawn (to fix bad spawning or stick)
      /fixspawn = Respawns survivor during build phase (fixes if they stick themselves)
      /help = Displays help HUD
      /rules = Displays rules HUD
      /round = Displays current round (ex. Round 3 of 4)

      - Commands -
      /respawn, /revive, /fixspawn = Respawn yourself manually
      /class = Opens the classes menu
      /lock, /claim = Locks/unlocks objects
      /whois <color> = Displays who is currently using a specified color (CaRBoN is using Red)
      /colors = Opens the colors menu (according to CVAR)
      /mycolor = Returns what your current color is
      /random = Selects for you a new color that is chosen randomly
      /guns = Opens the guns menu for yourself

      - Admin Commands -
      /releasezombies = Manually starts the round
      /guns <target> = Opens the guns menu for specified player
      /swap <player> = Swaps specified player's team
      /revive <player> = Revives specified specified player
      /ban <player> = Build bans/unbans specified player from building

      bb_buildban <player> //Bans/unbans specified player
      bb_unbuildban <player> //Bans/unbans specified player
      bb_bban <player> //Bans/unbans specified player

      bb_lock //Locks/unlocks object looking at
      bb_claim //Locks/unlocks object looking at

      bb_revive <player> // Revives a dead player back to life
      bb_swap <player> // Switches the player to the opposite team (and respawns them, no death counted)
      bb_startround // Starts the round early (ends build phase)

      The EnD;

    • i played that in the past and was funny and nice.. its cute have it here.. Good luck Carbon always giving good ideas
      Never give up any problem!! :monkey-see: :monkey-see:
      Counter-strike 1.6 is my passion :baby:

      Counter-strike Global offensive ! :o <3

    • I was playing on this yesterday and some of plugins not working like bb_lock /guns /class and most of the players don’t know about these commends so If you add menu to Summarize everything that will be helpful
      And please please remove the music or add some good music but don’t remove havana >.<
      The Time
      is always Right
      To Do
      What is Right