Some Helpfull Plugins

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  • Some Helpfull Plugins

    Hi Im recommanding some good plugins to add and i m ready to add them by myself so lemme show u what are they:
    When a player gets killed, this plugin checks if another player, from the same team, did enough damage to the victim so that he could be an accomplice to the kill and the assister will also receive a frag (all of these are cvar controlled)

    1. LEVEL SYSTEM + Ranks
    This plugin has special features,when you kill players you will automatically uplevel of course with upgrading ranks ^-^ and thats what makes it better B)

    That last is a plugin which shows cool sprite when you kill a player and its listed in many mods (knife sprite, 1st;2nd;3rd Combos)
    1. Parachute
    Parachute has a positive impact in classic server it will make it more funny than what it was (i will add special model for it)
    1. Revive System(OPTIONNAL)
    This plugin is helpfull cuz it allows players to revive their teammates ofcourse with money
    1. C4 TIMER
    This timer will be shown in a hud message in the screen showing time of c4 remains before explode
    1. Bomb sounds remplacement
    This plugin will automatically replace classic bomb plant and defuse sounds to newer...

    Those are my suggestions for now, waiting for your comments below

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  • you have great work and suggest as always but i think only first plugin will be nice in classic server

    most of the players like it bcuz its simple classic server "i do"

    i think those plugin will be great at weapons arena

    "just opinion"
  • CaRBoN wrote:

    @X-1 bro ofc we can add them also in weapon arena im ready for it
    KILL ASSIST "sounds good"

    c4 timer "if u can make it shows down when they plant c4 will be a great idea"

    Bomb sounds " i like the idea"

    great ideas for DD2 "just bcuz its simple server "classic"

    other plugins will be very nice in weapon arena if sprinter want it
  • Useless plugin won't be added for DD2, because it needs to stay original as possible.

    • Kill Assist: Possible will work with DD2, because I don't like people getting my kills.
    • Level UP & Rank: Will work better with Weapon Arena and CTF.
    • Combo Kills: Any server except DD2 will be likely to be added.
    • Parachute: CTF already have this plugin, other server won't be added as its been discussed.
    • Revive System: Would work well for ZM only.
    • C4 Timer: Not really needed.
    • Bomb Sounds: FK already has it, so no need.
  • Please keep Fatal Killer like this until now, I do not consider changing the parachute multijump or the combo add-on. I have played in other servers with those complements and they are going well but I should place them in a classic server. It is my opinion.