How to display Steam avatar in low resolutions in CS 1.6 (For steam players)

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    • How to display Steam avatar in low resolutions in CS 1.6 (For steam players)

      Sup guys, i want to show you a way of how to display your steam avatar in the cs 1.6 in low resolutions like this:

      Things you should know about steam avatar in game:

      • The avatar its just displayed if you use a high resolution;
      • The avatar its just for STEAM players only but i don't tested in non-steam game (if you want to test, fell free and let a comment);

      About this method:
      • It's secure and legal (I made it clear before anyone asked to give VAC ban);
      • I've tested only in STEAM game but feel free to test in non-steam game;
      • It works and will be displayed in every resolution;

      So now just follow my steps below:

      You will download a .zip file, so you will need to have installed WinRar to extract it.

      After download go to your downloaded files folder and search the file, after this, select him and click with right mouse button and click on "Extract here" and you will receive the file.

      You will take the the extracted file and copy or cut:

      Now open your steam choose the Counter Strike and click right mouse button and click on "Properties" :

      Now click on "Local files" and after ckick on "Browse local files" to open the destination folder of the game:

      Now open "cstrike" folder and inside of him, seach for the "cl_dlls" folder as well and open it:

      In the "cl_dlls" folder just click on right click and paste the file:

      Your Windows or other OS will ask to replace the file and you will accept it:

      After the all steps, DONE, now just open your game in your low resolution and see the magic.

      Now your steam avatar will be displayed like this:

      Enjoy your game and have fun!


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