KillaHinstincts Ultimate Zombie Plague Remake Guide

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    • KillaHinstincts Ultimate Zombie Plague Remake Guide

      here im finally telling you guys what RE stands for and it means REMAKE anyway we will talk about 4 different things in this guide Commands/Rates, Zombie/Human Classes, Gamemodes, XP/Level System

      Currently Working Commands Listed Below
      /top15 (it will still show the same motd in /top10)

      Commands That might be added
      /ap (a menu that check the current players AP)
      /3rd (3rd person view)
      /donate (removed it but i might add it back)

      These are the rates that are recommended to use on our zp server~
      rate 20000
      cl_cmdrate 105
      cl_updaterate 100
      ex_interp 0

      Zombie & Human Classes


      Obelisk - Balanced

      Stats ( Speed, Gravity & Knockback are like 1.0 = 100% )

      Health = 2850
      Speed = 1.05
      Gravity = 0.9
      Knockback = 0.8

      Necromancer - Steals Health

      Stats ( Speed, Gravity & Knockback are like 1.0 = 100% )

      Health = 2250
      Speed = 1.05
      Gravity = 0.54
      Knockback = 1.0

      Clairvoyant - Teleport [G]

      Stats ( Speed, Gravity & Knockback are like 1.0 = 100% )

      Health = 1700
      Speed = 0.77
      Gravity = 1.0
      Knockback = 1.8

      Executioner - Very Fast Attacks

      Stats ( Speed, Gravity & Knockback are like 1.0 = 100% )

      Health = 3200
      Speed = 0.8
      Gravity = 1.1
      Knockback = 0.4

      Zygat - Speed, fast attack

      Stats ( Speed, Gravity & Knockback are like 1.0 = 100% )

      Health = 2400
      Speed = 1.2
      Gravity = 0.60
      Knockback = 1.5

      Screecher - Blinding howls [G]

      Stats ( Speed, Gravity & Knockback are like 1.0 = 100% )

      Health = 3200
      Speed = 290.0
      Gravity = 0.7
      Knockback = 1.0

      Warlock - Touch of Evil [R] ( Slows Enemies Down + DMG (Around 4-9 max per use)

      Stats ( Speed, Gravity & Knockback are like 1.0 = 100% )

      Health = 2900
      Speed = 270.0
      Gravity = 0.75
      Knockback = 0.9

      What is the best zombie class in my opinion ? Necromancer !


      Civilian - No Training

      Health = 80
      Speed = 0.96
      Gravity = 1.0

      Private - Basic Training

      Health = 100
      Speed = 0.98
      Gravity = 0.94

      Sergeant - Prevention unit

      Health = 125
      Speed = 1.03
      Gravity = 0.9

      Sergeant Major - Assault Unit"

      Health = 140
      Speed = 1.08
      Gravity = 0.87

      Master Sergeant - Advanced Training

      Health = 160
      Speed = 1.12
      Gravity = 0.85

      General - Experienced Combat
      Health = 175
      Speed = 1.15
      Gravity = 0.85

      Hidden Class Grimm Reaper - Reaper of Death
      Health = 150
      Speed = 1.10
      Gravity = 0.85
      Ability = Bonus XP (x1.1) & Extra Life on Boss Mods ( Will be added soon )

      How to get the hidden class ? i dont know its hidden for a reason :troll:

      Ill Update the Thread on a later date with the boss classes :) & Images for EACH


      Infection [Status - Stable]
      1 Random Player will be chosen by the server to become a zombie

      Multi Infection [Status - Stable]
      1/4th of the players on the server will become zombies

      Swarm [Status - Stable]
      No Respawn for Humans & Zombies

      Nemesis [Status - Stable]
      Classic Boss Mod with a new twist Nemesis has an Ability [G] to launch poisonus bombs at humans warning nemesis him self can be harmed by it!

      Winos [Status - Stable]
      Custom Gamemod Winos has 3 Abilities first an ability to create a worm hole sucking all the players in a certain radius to it making it easier for Winos to kill them. Second Skill Kills the Enemies in a certain radius (high ranking players could survive but will be red). Third Ability will infect near by humans your screen will turn green if you are infected :) ( chances of getting infected at 50%) pray if you must but other players can see who exactly is infected if they are glowing green ;] the ones chosen by Winos will fight for its cause ~!

      Dione [Status - Stable]
      A popular boss from CSO - Counter Strike Online other wise known as Alien Boss. Dione Has 4 Abilities, First ability is on your Right Click Kills All the Players in a Certain Radius (high ranking players could survive but will be red). Second Ability is on your Drop button [G] Dashes Forward Rapidly Kills any human you bump in to. Third Skill Dione Shoots His SNOT any humans who touches it slows down and takes damage while on it. Fouth Ability is Similer to Winos 2nd Ability.

      Evil Nemesis [Status - Stable]
      Concept taken from resident evil google it your self if you must.This Boss mod is unique in its own way like the rest of the bosses Evil Nemesis deals low dmg with knife attacks through it has a machine gun & a rpg launcher but NO SKILLS. Humans are also able to see Evil Nemesis Health As its Part Man Part Zombie

      The Hunting [Status - Stable]
      The one chosen to be the hunter gets warned before round start! so he/she gets time to run away from the crowed and hide or run in to a crowd and kill them. the hunter has 2 abilities, First Skill PASSIVE invisibility note that it is really hard for the humans to actually see you but can see you at close range :) Second Skill Forces the Humans to drop there Guns and they wont be able to Reuse them ( they will have to find another gun thats lying on the ground which wasnt forced dropped by the hunter.

      Protect the VIP [Status - Removed]
      Popular CS map mod back in the day where a random CT gets chosen as a vip and has to get to a certain point to win through the VIP cant buy anything.As the Mod derived from cs we added our own twist and added it to our server as a gamemod. On Both Side 1 Becomes a Hero Another Becomes a Nemesis. Dont be afraid neither the Hero nor the Nemesis Has that much health nemesis would be at 3-7 K HP and the Hero at 500-1K hp. Hero has a Custom Grenade Launcher given through the nemesis ability is removed :( sad is it not

      Heros vs Monsters [Status - Removed]
      This is a Remake of Armageddon mod 50% survivors 50% nemesis ? now its 50% heros and 50% nemesis with a new twist giving all the heros custom grenade launchers that deals 1 K DMG. Do know that teamwork is required to win on either side on this mode.

      Remake XP & Level System

      Infamous Custom XP system that was made way back in 2012 by Lambda @ equilibriumcs more then 3 months worth of times put on to finish it up through it is still buggy we still managed to make it stable.

      Main features

      Packed with features, that can give players a much better experience on our server and set a long term goal for them while playing.
      Leveling system
      Many different skills for zombies and humans
      Prestige mode for players that have completed the leveling process (many great features)
      Custom sprites that show on players HUD (screen)
      Boosted XP and extra features for VIP members
      And More!

      Human Skills

      Strength: increases damage
      Endurance: increases health
      Speed: increases your speed
      Jumping: decreases gravity
      Accuracy: chance to critically hit
      Reload: decreases reload time
      Arson: gives chance to set fire to enemy
      Recoil: decreases weapon recoil

      Zombie Skills

      Concentrated Blood: increases health
      Wild Urge: increases speed
      Greed: increases HP from infecting
      Body Decay: decreases gravity
      Touch of Evil: increases damage
      Wealth: chance to steal ammo packs
      Evasion: chance to dodge bullets
      Rage: chance to have no knockback

      Got a Suggestion for a skill ?

      Ranks & XP Needed For It

      Loner = 0
      Wanderer = 1000
      Scavenger = 3000
      Tribesman = 6000
      Hunter = 15000
      Leader = 22000
      Tribe Master = 30000
      Head Hunter = 40000
      Self-sufficient = 52000
      Cold Killer = 65000
      Avenger = 80000
      Destroyer = 100000
      Legionnaire = 122000
      Executioner = 150000
      Captain = 180000
      Slayer = 225000
      Ripper = 260000
      Annihilator = 300000
      Corporal = 400000
      Mr. Death = 500000
      Living Legend = 500000000

      i know that there aren't any helpful infomation on this guide yet only what the server is about and what is in it but i will update it in a later date with more facts & tips WITH Extra Items