Suggestions for dd2

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  • Suggestions for dd2

    Hi everybody - just some suggestions that I think would be helpful for the dd2 server....

    1. Limit nade purchases to 2 flash and 1 HE. Yes I am aware this is the topic for another thread - just supporting it here as well. Very frustrating to have nade spammers in CT spawn towards double doors.
    2. Add Most Kills announcement at the end of each round. Fun add that showcases people's skills.
    3. Limit the time someone is allowed in spec before they are kicked (e.g. 2 min). Very frustrating to want to play but can't get in because several people are sitting in spec forever. I would not apply this to admins obviously!
    4. Send afk players to spec after a limited amount of time - I suggest 1 min afk is the limit. Too often we have Ts afk with bomb ruining the round for everyone else, or we have one player left and we all have to wait until the round is over or someone finds the afk.
    5. Eliminate the redirect on a full server. I am aware there are other servers and I would join them if I wanted. I know this is there to promote volume across the servers but I just end up disconnecting and reconnecting over and over until I either get in or I wait until later. Maybe with implementing #3 above this wont be an issue.

    I think with these relatively simple additions the dd2 will be better. I appreciate the work done and the support of the admins. Thank you for your consideration.