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    • Some Glow Colors

      A lot of admins asking me how to have some glows that i use, so i decied to do this thread, you just have to Copy and Paste this in console(With quotation marks), Instead of YourName, put the yours.

      bind "f2" "amx_glow YourName 255 0 0 30" Color Red
      bind "f3" "amx_glow YourName 0 0 255 30" Color Blue
      bind "f4" "amx_glow YourName 255 0 255 30" Color Purple
      bind "f6" "amx_glow YourName 0 255 0 30" Color Green
      bind "f7" "amx_glow YourName 255 255 255 30" Color White
      bind "f8" "amx_glow YourName 255 255 0 30" Color Yellow

      just press F2,F3 or F4 and it will set you automatically glow, make sure to use it as Human, if accidentally you used glow as Zombie just type in console amx_glow YourName off

      If you want any other color just leave a message here (Your color and bind) and i will give you the code [Only Admins]

      Important thing, if you change the code probably will give you an invisible glow, if that happen dont blame me.

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