Pinned zombie apocalypse server rules

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  • zombie apocalypse server rules

    - Respect All players

    - any cheat or hack lead you to permanently ban without warning

    - Advertising other servers/community is not allowed.

    - Making your own rules is not allowed.

    - Bunny-hop or any kind of scripts are not allowed.

    - Suiciding on purpose as human is not allowed

    - players can not go afk while server is full

    - Threatening other players is not allowed. life threat, cyber mobbing

    - Impersonating an admin is not allowed.

    - blocking humans by sandbags or any other things is not allowed

    - for zombie blocking you can press E to pass them

    - if you find a bug 'You MUST report it in forum" using it 'is NOT allowed'

    there will be update

    thanks to @X-1 helping make those rules