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  • How to Use Game Commands [ADMINS ONLY]

    Before selecting a gamemod, you must make a Vote. How to put gamemodes and how to use Commands Zombie Plague How to put a gamemode? Press M then 9 You will see this menu Then press 7 to see all our gamemodes Then you will see them, you must pick one.You must make a vote before making a gamemode. To do a vote, you must write in console amx_vote "Nemesis?" "Yes" "No" (With quotation marks)
    Available commands for all Admins below:
    • amx_glow "name" "color"
    • amx_weapon "name" "weapon" Only one extra weapon per round
    • amx_rocket "name" Send a rocket to a player
    • amx_slay "name" kills a player in a instantly
    • amx_slap "name" Slap the player in case of blocking/trucing
    • amx_uberslap "name" Use it in case of blocking
    You can use all of these commands. (Without quotation marks)

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