Pinned Dust 2 24/7 Server Rules

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  • Dust 2 24/7 Server Rules


    It is forbidden to camp, especially when playing as TR, never camping in TR spawn, the player will be warned only 2 times the first with a slap and a warning, the second time will be automatically banned. Exit the base for at least 20 to 40 seconds.


    Do not use hacks, no matter what type, any player who uses illegal programs will be banned automatically and permanently. OBS: Admins must take snapshots in cases where the player is using Wallhack, as it facilitates further proof. Always use the command "amx_ss", remembering that it will be mandatory.


    Respect is essential, respect all players, admins, DRs and Staffs, our community and our servers to interact and entertain each player, not to be "toxic", any kind of disrespect will not be tolerated, mainly racism and antireligion, any player who disrespect someone will be banned automatically. Play and do not set up fights.


    Do not spread your servers or sites on our servers, our servers serve to play and fun and not as a site for disclosures. Any spam or disclosure that happens will be subject to ban. If a player is using a name that contains a described site, any admin will be allowed to change their nickname so that it does not completely change their name.

    Read well for a better understanding. Thanks.