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    Team Leader: Cr[a]zy
    Server Manager:
    Team Member: GBEAST
    Team Member: kOrAb
    Team Member:
    Team Member:
    Team Member

    Team Leader Responsibilities:
    • Keep your designated server alive and more fun
    • Find mature team members,admins for your server
    Server Manager Responsibilities:
    • Help Team Leader to boost/populate the server
    • Find mature Server Admins for your server
    • Suggest ideas/plugins in order to make server more fun
    Team Member/Server Admins Responsibilities:

    • Keep your server clean and safe
    • Participate in admin applications
    • Suggest ideas/plugins to your Server Manager/Team Leader

    You can apply for Server Manager and Team membership here, just fill out the requirements below:


    Your In-Game name:

    Steam or Non-Steam:

    A Position You are applying for:

    Your SteamID:

    Your time zone:

    P.S ONLY Server Admins are able to apply in this forum


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  • kOrAb wrote:

    Your In-Game name: kOrAb

    Steam or Non-Steam: Steam

    A Position You are applying for: Team Member

    Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:78718636

    Your time zone: GMT-3



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