Too many hackers, not many admins.

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  • Too many hackers, not many admins.

    So I've been playing at fatal killers a lot lately, and noticed that there are hackers pretty much every map, and there are no admins sometimes or most of the times that are in the server to ban them. Thus the game-play of the non-hackers gets ruined.
    I usually wouldn't care, but I play here and don't appreciate getting killed by Aimbotters and Wallhackers.
    I've spoken to someone and decided to check the admins activities for the fatal killers server for the
    past 4 weeks, here are the results:

    F!N!$H3R | Trial Admin 1d 21:28h
    Server Admin | Peekz [ARG] 1d 16:00h
    kOrAb | Trial Admin 0d 13:42h
    Server Admin | MiDou 0d 11:31h
    Server Admin | Mr.Happy 0d 10:45h

    Server Admin | Chrome ( Woxy ) 0d 05:48h
    Server Admin | Stewie 0d 02:19h
    SileN20 | Server Admin 0d 01:14h
    Server Admin | Yo YO! 1 hours 38 minutes

    As for Yo Yo's activity, that's all the amount of game-play he has since he entered your servers. This is not even for only this month. This is since whenever he first started playing this year, unless I'm missing another steamid that he is using which wouldn't make sense since his admin is on this one. So basically the admins colored in red are clearly not active in the server. I suggest demoting them unless they gave you a good reason for their inactivity. And possibly recruit potential players from the server for admins. This means you'd need to go play in the server and find players interested in the position that would actually do a good job and be active.

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  • Some admins do need to step it up a notch, at least check the server once or twice a day, even if it's for a few minutes, see if you can clean it, that's pretty much the bear minimum. As for recruitments @xSmoove @daFuQ @Run_Run*_Arg are the most active with reports, so they'd be good adds to the team.

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  • YoYo is currently on trial due his past activities, if he fails this time then it's a demote.

    We can't do much for N20 that will be up to Sprinter.


    Some admin have 2nd server option, aka they will be active on their main chosen server and not on their sub servers.

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