new frio unban appeal

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  • new frio unban appeal

    I had an unban appeal here:

    frio unban appeal

    I got denied for an unban based on the demo provided. The only problem is I wasn't cheating. I also watched the demo and didn't find anything fishy (but I knew this already because I don't hack).

    I don't want to step on anyone's toes here, this seems like a fine community, but the fact of the matter is I was not cheating and a mistake has been made.

    Is there any higher up authority I can look to in order to get unbanned?

    EDIT: Oh yea, I forgot. I don't "shake with the awp", I don't know what "too much flick" means, and the "strange aim" are mouse adjustments as I get ready when the weapon zooms in again.

    With anything else,I don't know what to say. There were no cheats used.

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  • Alright I just spent one hour playing on low ping deathmatches with awp only, took a lot of demos aswell, tho I'm kinda annoyed at my gameplay so I'm not gonna post them here (if someone wants to watch frios and mine to compare I'll message them). I hate playing awp, but after playing there all I can say is frios shots were possible to do, deathmatch brings the adrenaline and you can start shacking your mouse a lot, as for fatal, just drink some coke and you will feel or cafe and you might get the same feeling. If he is someone who uses awp most of the time it's possible to get the high accuracy he has, looking at some of my past stats on American tdms, my awp acc is high and I'm shit with awp and am a high pinger. As for the ,,pulling out fast" guessing you @frio use hud_fastwitch 1 and not 0. It's completely by the rules and normal, I used it in the demos aswell to show. Anyway enough talking.